Monday, December 3, 2007

Write a Book Proposal that Publishers will Love

So, you're a non-fiction author with a great new book idea? How will you get that idea published? One secret is to create a book proposal that will blow the socks off of a literary agent or publisher. But, how do you create a powerful proposal?

One of our WildFire Marketing clients, Mary DeMuth, has the answer! Mary is an award-winning author who has created a book proposal tutorial that helps you get your non-fiction book published. It's called, "Nonfiction Book Proposals that Grab an Editor or Agent by the Throat (in a good way!)." Her 50-page guide walks you through two proposals that Mary wrote and empowers you to write one that sells.

Need proof? Terry Glaspey, Director of Acquisitions and Development for Harvest House Publishers, says this about Mary’s proposals: “Mary knows how to write a proposal that gets an editor’s attention. She's well-organized, persuasive, and provides the information that I need to make a decision.”

Check out this great guide at Mary's website: She's offering a discounted price of $10 to friends of WildFire Marketing. So visit today!