Thursday, February 11, 2010

Top 500 Women's Ministry Leader Database

If you write fiction or non-fiction for the Christian women's market, WildFire Marketing has a new resource to help you market books to key church leaders. We've compiled an updated, verified database of the "Top 500 Women's Ministry Leaders in America." Get access to the actual individuals who make important decisions about women's ministry book purchases, group curriculum usage, and speaking engagements. 70% of all Christian books are purchased by women, and the WildFire database helps you tap into the biggest influencers over these book selections.

We dedicated months of research to uncover the 500 largest and most active women’s ministries across the United States. Their listing is the most accurate and complete resource of its kind. The database gives you the leader’s name, church mailing address, phone number, overall attendance size, and denominational affiliation. The database is provided by email as a sortable Excel spreadsheet and a Word document with ready-to-print mailing labels.

Well-known Christian authors, such as Lysa TerKeurst, have directly linked our women's ministry database to landing major speaking engagements, new books sales, and curriculum usage of their products in churches.

To view a sample and get pricing information for our Top 500 database, call 1-800-267-2045 or visit:

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

February Comparison of ECPA Publishers

Check out the February, 2010 Amazon rankings for the Top 15 ECPA publishers. This research lets you see both the overall industry rankings, plus each publisher's individual top 20 bestselling book list.

Why is this information helpful to you? This is one of the few ways that authors, agents, and publishers can simultaneously see how a publisher's best books stack up against their peers. For example, Neilsen BookScan doesn't let other publishers see the competition's sales numbers (only bestseller lists). But, WildFire's free research gives ECPA publishers a way to see which titles are selling well on Amazon at 14 other houses. This data is also helpful to see which authors, topics, and genres are dominating Amazon sales trends.

Items of Interest this Month:

a. Top-Selling ECPA Titles by Amazon Ranking:
1 - "So Long, Insecurity" (# 64) by Beth Moore from Tyndale.
2 - "Crazy Love" (# 81) by Francis Chan from David C. Cook
3 - "The Love Dare" (#110) by Stephen Kendrick from B&H.
Rankings exclude Hachette's acquisition of "The Shack" (# 49).

b. Biggest Publisher Moves:
FaithWords moves up to # 7 this month from # 13 last month.
Barbour re-appears on the list at # 14 this month.

Note: Amazon rankings do not reflect accurate sales figures and only account for a small percentage of a book's total sales. However, they can help determine how specific publishers or book titles perform over time versue their peers.

Click here for an Excel spreadsheet of last month's rankings.

For all of the previous monthly rankings, click here.