Sunday, July 15, 2007

Are Search Engines Finding Your Website?

Do you ever wonder if potential customers will find your website during a Google search or on other search engines? The key method to showing up during a "search" is adding Meta-tag keywords to the coding of your website. When people type-in these keywords during their search, it increases the likelihood that you'll be found. Adding keywords to your website is an important job for your webmaster.

Here's a great way to make sure your webmaster did the job correctly. Click on the link below, type-in your website into the top field box, and hit "enter":

Under the "Header Data" box that appears, you should be able to scroll-down and see a list called "X-Meta-Keywords." If you don't have a list, you need to contact your webmaster immediately and ask for the appropriate keywords to be added to your website's coding. Good keywords include your name (don't forget mis-spellings), your book's titles, and any words that match the subject matter you address. For example, some of my keywords include: marketing, writing, speaking, authors, speakers, etc. Think of words that someone would use to search and find you.

You can also use this web feature to modify keywords over time to find combinations that help draw more traffic. Don't obsess over your keywords, but make sure you have the basics covered. Thanks to Penny Sansevieri at ameblog for this quick tip!

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