Thursday, January 3, 2008

Save Money Printing Your Newsletters

As you know, sending a regular newsletter is smart marketing strategy to help spread your message. Sometimes, though, it's a hassle to baby-sit your printer while it takes hours to churn out hundreds of newsletter copies...not to mention the cost of paper and ink.

Well, FedEx Kinko's is offering a sweet deal to outsource your print newsletters to them. The recently reduced their color copy pricing to $.49/copy (or $.98 for two-sided copying). These prices are good through March 31, 2008. Plus, you can upload your files and place orders over the Internet. And, if they make a bad copy, you can ask them to redo the printing (whereas, if your office printer screws have to eat the additional cost).

This price reduction makes the cost of printing a good-looking newsletter less than a $1.00 per recipient (plus postage). That's a good deal for your marketing budget!

Now, for some folks, it still may be better to do the newsletter printing yourself. But, if you're sending out over 250 newsletters per mailing, this may be a more cost-effective and time-saving option for you. For more information, check out

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