Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back to School for Authors

Summer is almost over and kids are headed back to school. Likewise, WildFire Marketing wants to help authors go back to school – the school of book marketing.

Rob Eagar is offering a free, 30-minute, audio teaching session entitled, “How to Turn Media Interviews into Book Sales.” Rob has taught over 100 authors how to improve their book marketing skills. In this teaching session, he spells out new ways to maximize any radio or TV interview and generate more book sales…even if you write fiction. Here's a cheat-sheet of the important issues that Rob covers:

  • How to prepare for an interview.
  • How to set proper goals and determine real results from your interview.
  • How to control an interview – even with a difficult host.
  • Specific techniques to help your interview boost your book sales.
  • Plus, Rob shares a secret that most interview hosts don't want you to know.

To access Rob’s free teaching session, visit: www.startawildfire.com/audioresource1.html
A downloadable written transcript is also available.

Authors: Please forward this information to your author friends and writer’s groups.

Publishers & Agents: We invite you to notify your author roster about this helpful free resource.

"Rob Eagar has the energy, drive, and professional savvy to make a lasting impact upon any author's ministry. With a commitment to results, Rob will help you succeed by giving you solid business principles and proven marketing strategies that create a strong foundation for future growth."
Bob Hawkins, Jr. - President
Harvest House Publishers

For authors who want a "higher education" in book marketing and platform-growth, check out the WildFire Marketing – Author Mentor Program. Receive personalized instruction from Rob Eagar on all facets book marketing, such as websites, social networking, speaking, newsletters, media, etc.

You can choose from three different levels based on your budget and schedule. Learn how to spread your message like wildfire! For more information and author success stories, visit: www.startawildfire.com/mentorprogram.html

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Sarah Keeney said...

Hi Rob,

I came across your "Back to School for Authors" on Joe Wikert's blog. You have some great information in here, really informative. I am going to share it with our authors and post it on my blog too. The info in your Free Resources section is also great. Thanks again.


Sarah Keeney