Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Client Success Story: Kathi Lipp

Kathi Lipp was a first-time author launching her new book, The Husband Project. WildFire Marketing coached Kathi for four months leading up to her book’s publication date. All results listed below occurred during the Author Mentor Program and within 60 days after the book’s release:

1. Kathi sold over 1,000 books by herself within the first 2 months!
2. Broke the Amazon 10,000 sales ranking in just 51 days (9,020).
3. Scheduled 30 new author speaking events for 2009.
4. Landed 7 radio and 2 TV interviews with her own press release.
5. Secured monthly columnist feature on the CBN.com (700 Club).
6. Built new relationships with over 650 MOPS leaders across U.S.
7. Garnered book reviews on over 30 targeted blogs.
8. Sent her first e-newsletter to over 2,000 subscribers.
9. Doubled author’s monthly newsletter subscriber rate.
10. Raised author speaking fees by over 30%.
11. Revamped author website and tripled monthly visitor traffic.

Before-and-after Pictures of Author Website:

“Before meeting Rob Eagar, I had an unproductive website, ineffective newsletters, small database of leaders, and felt unprepared to sell my new book. But, working with Rob paid off big time! I sold over 1,000 copies of my new book in the first 60 days, landed more speaking engagements at much higher fees, doubled my newsletter signup rate, and learned how to turn media interviews into book sales. The transformation is amazing!”
Kathi Lipp
Author of The Husband Project

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