Monday, April 27, 2009

Client Success Story: Mary DeMuth

Congratulations to Mary DeMuth on the quick success of her new novel, Daisy Chain. Her book just launched on March 1st, but her publisher (Zondervan) has already gone into a 3rd printing in two months! That is an incredible feat in such a tough economy.

Mary's credentials include being a finalist for the 2007 Christy Award. So, if you're a fan of fiction and aren't familiar with Mary, you need to check out her books, such as Watching the Tree Limbs
and her latest novel, Daisy Chain.

Mary was also gracious to recently participate in a video testimonial about her experience as a WildFire Marketing client. To get a sense of how Rob Eagar helped Mary grow her platform, click here to watch her video. We're proud of Mary and the role model she serves to other authors!

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Susanne Lakin said...

My question is: how many copied were in each of those printing runs? I am just curious (I adore Mary!)

Rob Eagar said...

Hi Susanne,

Thanks for your question. Unfortunately, I'm not at liberty to share Mary's sales numbers. However, they were decent size print runs.