Saturday, January 16, 2010

Book Marketing Q&A: Writing Promotional Copy for a Book

Question: During a conversation with my publisher, we were discussing the marketing text for my new book's back cover copy, catalogue copy, and ad copy to be released this fall. As we talked through these issues, I began to wonder if the text needed to be different for each type of piece. In other words, do you market a book any differently to the distributors / retailers than you would do the end reader? (Rachel in NC)

Answer: Good question, Rachel. My recommendation is to always market your book based on the value that it provides to reader - including the catalogue and ad copy. I encourage my author clients to write bulleted value statements that describe specific results you create for the reader. A variety of examples include:

Higher profits with less wasted inventory.
Stronger resolve to say “no” without feeling guilty or being used.
New ability to read the Bible and sense God talking directly to you.
Increased confidence to deal with difficult people.

Readers and retailers alike need to know that your book will meet a legitimate need. Otherwise, no one will buy the book, and everyone will be disappointed.

So, when writing marketing copy for your book, put yourself in the position of the reader and answer the question: "What's in it for me?" Value statements are a great way to settle that issue.

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