Friday, May 28, 2010

Hilarious video about book signings

This video is really funny, partly because it's so true for so many authors. (Thanks to Chip MacGregor for mentioning it on his blog.)


Anonymous said...

Rob, that is a great video. Somehow I can relate and translate the same concept in the art world. Duane hated standing in our booth at an Art Sale and watching the people walk by. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rob for this video - I will be sharing it with my author friends! (I have slow high-speed Internet - and so I had ten seconds intervals where I had more time to laugh!)

And thanks for your great website, and the resources on it, esp. the one about "Are you a selfish writer?". It was convicting for me.

I just discovered your website yesterday - but I can see that God has used you mightily to help authors with your marketing expertise/patience and creativity.

I'm in Ottawa ON Canada, but will be checking with my friend from Georgia to see if he knows you. And will likely be giving you a call someday!

God bless you!