Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Morning Marketing Tip - September 27, 2010

Rob Eagar's Monday Morning Marketing Tip is written to help authors, publishers, and organizations spread their message like wildfire.

This week's focus:
Social media is popular because it's the "poor man's" version of marketing. It's free and anyone can do it. But, that doesn't mean it's always effective. Now, before you techie-types send me a bunch of mad emails, remember that I've got more evidence than you have emotion. I watch hundreds of authors, businesses, and non-profits spend inordinate amounts of time (which equals money) on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn trying to boost their business. For the most part, it's like watching a lot of hamsters spinning on a wheel. Lots of effort with little results.

Here's the problem. Everyone jumped on the social media bandwagon so fast that too many people are vying for our attention. In those situations, the most humorous, salacious, or ridiculous usually win the battle. How do you compete with all of this noise? Don't try to win the battle. Focus solely on attracting and providing value to those who need you the most. No one really cares about what you had for lunch or where you went on vacation. But, they do care if you can help make their life better.

Are you using social media, or is it using you? Focus on how you can help people, and let your value be the spark that starts a wildfire for your message.

Chew on this:
"Social media has become a form of reality television. People with essentially nothing to say have a venue to say whatever they please, making them believe that they have do have something to say. The medium has become the message. And, the message is vacuous and vapid."
- Alan Weiss

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