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Monday Morning Marketing Tip - December 13, 2010

Rob Eagar's Monday Morning Marketing Tip
is written to help authors, publishers, and organizations
spread their message like wildfire.

This week's focus:
"Marketing doesn't work for me." This is a common response I hear from frustrated authors and entrepreneurs. However, when I probe into the details of their recent promotional activities, I tend to find these problems:
1. Tried something once, expected a marketing miracle, then immediately stopped when results didn't intially pour in the door.
2. Sent out a promotional piece that was too self-focused and failed to provide value to the recipient, so people ignored it.
3. Created a new marketing tool that looked homemade and shot the sender's credibility.
No wonder marketing didn't work. The recipe for good marketing requires three key ingredients: consistency, value, and professionalism. If you leave out one of these ingredients, your marketing efforts will leave people with a bad taste in their mouth.

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