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Monday Morning Marketing Tip - March 14, 2011

Rob Eagar's Monday Morning Marketing Tip
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This week's focus:
A big I may be a marketing expert, but I learned a valuable lesson last week. After announcing my "Forward to a Friend" contest, I received a copy of an email that was forwarded by a subscriber which said:

"I am not one who usually forwards, but Rob's newsletter is one I've been receiving faithfully for 6 months, and I've found every single one to offer value. I'm sorry it took a contest to get me thinking about who else could benefit from what he's got to offer. Take a look!"

Here's what got my attention. I've been doing these Monday Morning Marketing Tips for over 40 straight weeks, and I've sent out monthly email newsletters for over four years. Yet, until last week, I had never offered a contest that encouraged people to share my value with their contacts.

The comments in the email above reminded me of a foundational marketing principle: "You can't expect your customers to do your marketing for you." Yes, a great product and excellent service can help generate repeat business and word-of-mouth. But, sometimes, people still need a little incentive to get them to take action.

This principle explains why promotional tactics, such as contests, coupons, sweepstakes, quizzes, back stage passes, and freebies can be so productive. Occasionally, even your best customers will lose passion for your message. Therefore, what are you doing to wake up your book readers or business customers? Learn from my mistake, and look for ways to regularly give your audience the incentive they might need to help spread the word for you.

What activities have you found to be most helpful in getting your readers or customers to take action promoting your message? Leave a comment below.

Your Feedback Requested - Author Workshop Survey
Based on the success of the one-day author workshop I conducted in Atlanta last November, I'm planning to schedule another one in the coming months. However, I'd like to include your feedback and preferences in the planning process. I plan to send out a brief survey to solicit your comments in the next week or two. Please be on the lookout for this survey, and I hope you'll take a few minutes to share your thoughts with me. Thank you.


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