Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday Morning Marketing Tip - August 1, 2011

Rob Eagar's Monday Morning Marketing Tip
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This week's focus:
If you want to get more media interviews, put yourself in the position of a radio or TV producer. Would you rather be approached by an author who is just trying to get airtime to promote a book? Or, would you prefer to be approached by an author who is an expert on a relevant topic to the audience? From the producer's perspective, one approach feels selfish, while the other seems helpful.

Producers would much rather work with authors who are trying to help them achieve their goals. They have no desire to turn their programs into annoying infomercials that plug an author's book. Audience ratings will drop if a show is too promotional. Nobody likes to be constantly sold.

Due to this fact, producers are constantly monitoring what topics might be of interest to their audience. If they can acquire guests who are experts on those relevant topics, offer interesting discussion, and are fun to watch, then the audience will tune-in on a repeated basis. Producers dream of their show being seen as the "go-to" source of information or the top entertainment choice with the public. If they can achieve that position, then their audience ratings will stay high.

Therefore, if you want to get more media exposure, don't push your book. Instead, stress an interesting topic that would be important to the audience. By doing so, you give yourself a much greater chance of grabbing a producer's attention.

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