Wednesday, September 21, 2011

New Workshop - Advanced Media Training for Authors

One of the fastest ways to get exposure for your new book is through radio and TV interviews. Unfortunately, most publishers no longer setup media tours for their authors. Worse, typical PR firms charge $2,500 - $5,000 per month for their services - with no guarantee of success.  Why risk paying these outrageous prices when you can learn to setup media interviews on your own for free?

More importantly, landing media interviews doesn't mean you'll sell any books. You can't just show up and tell your story. Audiences don't care. Instead, you've got to learn how to drive listeners to take an interest in your book, or you'll windup wasting precious opportunities.

Rob Eagar, marketing coach to over 400 authors and author of the upcoming book, "Sell Books Like Wildfire," has taught dozens of his clients how to land media interviews and use that exposure to generate book sales. This one-day workshop will provide advanced-level, personalized instruction that will help you:
  • Write a press release that captivates media producers.
  • Prepare for a radio or TV interview with confidence.
  • Fearlessly interact with any kind of host.
  • Lead your listening audience towards buying your books.
  • Utilize these essential skills for the rest of your author career.
This will not be a boring, lecture style workshop. Rob will actively work with each attendee to write a professional press release, generate interesting questions and answers, control the interview discussion, and implement a book promotion strategy. You will complete important tasks and be ready for action by the time you leave. For those who are brave enough, Rob will video record a practice TV interview and critique it together.

Special bonus: All participants will receive a current database of over 25 radio, TV, and magazine producers as a helpful head-start to contact for interview requests.

Click here to get details and register today.

Note: Don't delay - a minimum of 5 people must register by October 15th for this event to take place. The group size will be capped at 10 attendees. 

"The advanced media training that I received from Rob Eagar was outstanding - thorough, practical, and behavior-changing. He prepared me to successfully tackle any kind of radio and TV interview, and helped lower my anxiety about managing unexpected questions. Most importantly, Rob showed me how to steer audiences towards making a purchase. Working with Rob helped my new book hit the CBA bestseller list in the first 30 days!"
Dr. Paul White
Co-author of The Five Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace

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