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Monday Morning Marketing Tip - October 31, 2011

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This week's focus:
Dolphins and whales are both air-breathing creatures who live in the ocean. Yet, they swim and behave in radically different ways. For example, sperm whales often descend into the depths of the sea and may not resurface to breathe for 35 - 90 minutes. This behavior can make whale-watching a frustrating endeavor for excited tourists hoping to catch a brief glimpse. In contrast, dolphins typically swim near the ocean's surface and tend to breathe every two minutes. This makes them easier to spot, and many dolphins will even chase alongside boats as tourists marvel at their speed and beauty.

In the literary world, don't be an author who swims like a whale, instead swim like a dolphin. For example, some authors disappear from their readers for several months, as they dive into the depths of their writer's cave to create their next book. This is a mistake, though, because it frustrates fans who want to stay in contact with that author. Readers begin to wonder when that author will resurface, and if it takes too long, they lose interest and move on to another author who's more accessible.

In contrast, wise authors swim like dolphins by regularly surfacing and staying in contact with their readers. They continue to work on their next book, but frequently "come up for air" through social media, newsletters, public appearances, media interviews, etc. They don't frustrate their readers by disappearing for long periods of time. They reward their readers with regular access and awareness. If you want your marketing to be more productive, examine how often you "surface for air" with your fans. Swim like a dolphin instead of submerging like a whale, and you'll catch more book sales.

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