Sunday, February 10, 2008

How Do Speakers Get More Bookings?

If you're a professional speaker or an author who wants to promote a new book through speaking, then you've probably wondered, "How do speakers get booked?" Is there a magic wand that you can wave to get more bookings?

Actually, there is no secret formula, but here's some interesting information that can help answer the question. Leaders usually make booking decisions about speakers in this order of priority:

1. Personally having heard the speaker and been impressed.

2. Heard from a trusted peer that the speaker is excellent.

3. Heard from a trusted subordinate (fellow staff member, assistant, etc.) that the speaker is excellent.

4. Heard from a trusted third party that the speaker is excellent.

5. Heard from a speakers bureau or agent with whom there is a relationship.

6. Seen or heard something about the speaker (e.g., media interview).

7. Received promotional material from the speaker.
Source: Money Talks by Alan Weiss

I've worked with speakers at all levels, and I can vouch for the validity of this information. Note how the top 5 ways that leaders book speakers are based on "relationships," such as personal encounters, referrals from peers, staff members, friends, etc.

Plus, the #1 way is through hearing a speaker do a great job at another event, being impressed, and inviting that speaker to come speak at their organization. And, it's no surprise that the least common way speakers get booked is by flooding the world with mass mailings of brochures and media kits.

So, now you know how speakers get booked. But, this brings up an even more important question: What are you doing to get more referrals and build relationships with key leaders?

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