Tuesday, November 11, 2008

November Amazon Comparison of CBA Publishers

WildFire Marketing has released the latest Amazon rankings for the Top 15 CBA Publishers. This month, the research was expanded to let viewers see both the overall CBA industry rankings, plus each publisher's individual top 20 bestselling book list.

Why is this information helpful to you? This is one of the few ways that authors, agents, and publishers can simultaneously see how a publisher's best books stack up against their peers. For example, Neilsen BookScan doesn't let other publishers see the competition's sales numbers (only bestseller lists). But, my free research gives publishers a way to see which titles are selling well on Amazon at 15 other houses. This data is also helpful to see which authors, topics, and genres are dominating Amazon sales trends.

Note: Amazon rankings do not reflect accurate sales figures and only account for a small percentage of a book's total sales. However, they can help determine how specific publishers or book titles perform over time versue their peers.

Click here for an Excel spreadsheet of my November 2, 2008 rankings.

If you missed the October 2nd rankings, click here.


Susy Flory said...

Interesting! Just twittered on this and linked to your blog.

Rob Eagar said...

Hi Suzy,

Thanks for spreading the word on my research. This is great data for authors to use when understanding which publishers are effective and which ones are struggling. A lot of authors never know where there publisher or books stack up in the overall industry.