Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Morning Marketing Tip - June 14, 2010

Rob Eagar's Monday Morning Marketing Tip is written to help authors, publishers, and organizations spread their message like wildfire.

This week's focus:
When you market a product or service, don't make the mistake of expecting perfection from every activity. For example, let's say you're an author who sends out your first monthly newsletter. But, after a few weeks, no one invites you to do a speaking engagement, conduct a media interview, or buy a bunch of your books. That's doesn't mean that your newsletter was a failure. There are many variables that affect people's buying behavior, including the fact that most need to hear about you 4 - 7 times before they decide to act.

Marketing isn't about striking it rich with every activity you do. Instead, your goal should be to build a "body of work" over time that generates momentum and draws attention to you. People are sick and tired of authors who constantly plug their books and businesses who hype their products. In contrast, people are hungry for experts who can provide information that helps solve a problem or improve their life.

Your body of work consists of all the various ways to let people know that your message can help them. For example, you can send newsletters, post advice on your blog, speak in public, get articles published, conduct media interviews, keep your website updated, produce spinoff products, create podcasts, etc. When you do several of these activities on a consistent basis, then you will position yourself in a way that draws people to your product or service.

Chew on this:
"Saying 'No' is the key word in defining your identity, your individualism, or, in organizational terms, your brand. If you cannot say No, you do not have a brand, for your brand is defined by what you say No to."
William Ury, author of
The Power of a Positive No

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