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Monday Morning Marketing Tip - January 10, 2011

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This week's focus:
Congratulations to WildFire Marketing client, Lysa TerKeurst, for an extraordinary achievement last week. Lysa launched her new book, "Made to Crave," and achieved the #8 sales ranking on, the #1 ranking on, and the #25 ranking on Barnes& Breaking the Top 10 on Amazon is a rare feat, which means she was outselling big-name books, such as Decision Points by George W. Bush and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson.

I've consulted with Lysa for the past three years, and many people have asked me why the latest of her 14 books has suddenly fared so well. None of her earlier books experienced such strong sales results so quickly. There are several reasons for her success, and Lysa's publisher, Zondervan, deserves a lot of credit. However, for this marketing tip, I want to focus on one reason that I know has made a major impact.

A big part of Lysa's success is due to how much she has invested in her audience over the past several years. She has consistently provided genuine value for free to thousands of women across America. Lysa transmits this value by blogging four times a week, contributing several times a month to an email newsletter, speaking around the country, posting on social media, and tirelessly giving of herself to encourage others.

If you want to succeed like Lysa, do you have to work as hard? Not necessarily, but you have to follow the same principle that I taught Lysa. If you truly invest in your audience, they will respond. It may not happen immediately, but it will eventually occur. People appreciate authors and companies who care more about helping others than making a buck off of them.

So, this week's question is: What are you doing to consistently invest in your readers? If you're a business owner, what are you doing to invest in your customers? Helping others is the fastest way to reach success. But, you have to convince the public that you're serious. If you're not regularly investing in people, don't expect them to respond when you need it later.

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