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Monday Morning Marketing Tip - January 24, 2011

Rob Eagar's Monday Morning Marketing Tip
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Continued congratulations to WildFire Marketing client, Lysa TerKeurst, on the success of her new book, Made to Crave. This week, Lysa was notified that she hit # 9 on the New York Times bestseller list for paperback advice. Plus, Walmart just placed a large order for her book! This accomplishment outshines her previous achievements on Amazon and B& I'm honored to be part of Lysa's success. It's exciting to help clients start a wildfire and watch it spread across the country.

This week's focus:
For those of you writing a book, remember that the process of marketing must begin before you finish your manuscript. As you focus on writing a great book, put the same amount of effort and detail into building nuggets of value that can act as powerful standalone marketing pieces and promotional items. These tools will make it easier to capture the attention of readers and media producers when your initial book launch occurs.

Too many authors forget to consciously develop marketing tools for their books. Then, they wonder why it's difficult to promote their message and boost sales. Avoid this problem by brainstorming during the manuscript stage, and insert as many appropriate ideas as possible. Examples of good book marketing tools can include quizzes, helpful articles, resource guides, recipes, lists, and even QR codes that launch exclusive multi-media content.


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