Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Morning Marketing Tip - May 9, 2011

Rob Eagar's Monday Morning Marketing Tip
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This week's focus:

Disregard all feedback that you receive in the heat of the moment. As humans, we have an innate ability to sense when another person feels vulnerable. Therefore, people tend to avoid saying what they really think to someone in a sensitive moment, such as just after hearing someone speak in public or looking through a book while the author is standing there. Instead, people will usually say something nice just to placate the situation and avoid an awkward moment. Thus, don't pay attention to immediate feedback. Listen to what people say after time has passed, when they're more inclined to share an honest comment.

In addition, only pay attention to people you trust and consistent patterns of feedback. Ignore random comments from unqualified individuals, or you'll get blown around like a leaf fluttering helplessly in the wind. Instead, look for patterns and majority views in the feedback that you receive. Once is chance, twice is a coincidence, but three times marks a pattern. Make changes based on patterns of trusted feedback, not arbitrary remarks by a stranger. You don't want to live life jerked around by any person's haphazard comment.

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