Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Morning Market Tip - July 18, 2011

Rob Eagar's Monday Morning Marketing Tip
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This week's focus:
The best way to get people to buy your book is to buy it yourself. When I say "buy it," I don't mean purchasing cases of copies to fill-up your garage (been there, done that). Instead, you've got to buy-in to your book's value before you can convince other people to do the same. If you write a half-hearted book that doesn't move you personally, then you probably won't move many people to make a purchase. Readers can usually sense when an author is passionate about their subject or story versus when they just phone it in to get the book completed. Thus, as you write your book, pretend like you're a skeptical reader and ask yourself:
  • Does this book create a specific positive result for me that I can explain to others?
  • Has my life changed due to writing this book?
  • How is my book worth the purchase price?
  • Did I pour myself into this book or just do the minimum to finish?
The first sale is always to yourself. If you want more people to buy your books, make sure that you're the very first customer.

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