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Monday Morning Marketing Tip - December 12, 2011

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This week's focus:
My wife, Ashley the Wonderful, is a voracious reader. She can easily go through a book a week, and she enjoys referring her favorite books to friends. Last week, she made a statement that stopped me in my tracks - and it should stop any author in their tracks as well. She said:

"Readers don't give grace when they give money for a book."

Her remark touches on a common problem that I've noticed among a lot of authors, especially first-timers and self-published types. Too many authors expect readers to give them grace when their book is poorly written, badly edited, or cheap-looking. They expect readers to graciously "look past" those problems and credit them with a good book anyway. Last week, an author confessed to me, "I've expected readers to excuse the 'homemade' nature of my work. I know it's shoddy, but why can't people overlook those issues?"

Friends, that's not how the publishing business works. If you want people to pay money for your book, don't expect them to give grace if your book is substandard. People expect professionalism, because they're paying for it. When someone gives you money, a financial transaction takes place, which makes you a professional. Amateurs work for free. Pros make money.

If you want people to give you grace, then offer your book for free. Don't expect people to give you their hard-earned cash if you don't want to act like a professional. The reading public expects books that cost money to come from a professional author. Think about it. You put the same expectations on the professionals in your life that you pay, such as doctors, dentists, hairdressers, and fitness instructors. You don't give them grace if they do a substandard job. Likewise, it's no different for authors.

I know that some of you reading this are stay-at-home moms, non-profit workers, counsellors, and part-time teachers. Those are all admirable callings. But, if you expect to receive payment for your books, you immediately become a business-person. Therefore, your book must be written, produced, and sold at a professional level. Otherwise, you're just a hobbyist who shouldn't expect any income.

If you want people to buy your books, don't expect them to give you grace for second-rate writing, editing, or layout. People want their money's worth. So, give readers what they deserve...a well-written book that provides tangible value in return.

If you still want grace for substandard performance, talk to God - amazing grace is his specialty.

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