Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Morning Marketing Tip - "Social Media Makes the Rich Richer"

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This week's focus:

Social media tends to reward those who don't need social media. For example, the people with the most Twitter followers or Facebook likes, such as Justin Bieber, Chad Ochocinco, Stephen Colbert, or Paulo Coelho, would still be hugely successful without social media. Facebook and Twitter are just additional components of their already thriving promotional campaigns.

This distinction is important to help people avoid believing that social media is the savior of marketing. It's not. It's simply a new channel that anyone can use for free to promote their message. But, if your message isn't entertaining, inspiring, or popular, then social media won't make you more successful.

Why is this point important? Because I've met too many authors, business leaders, and non-profits directors who tell me, "We're really jumping into social media...we just hired a bunch of young people to handle our Facebook and Twitter pages." The problem is that most of their other marketing efforts are substandard and ineffective. Therefore, it's unrealistic to expect that hiring a twentysomething to manage your Twitter account or Facebook page will revolutionize your business. It won't.

Facebook and Twitter will only be as effective as your other marketing activities. For instance, if you write boring newsletters, you'll probably write boring social media posts. If your website gets little traffic because it's static or self-focused, then your social media conversation will probably reflect a similar problem.

Why do celebrities, politicians, business leaders, and bestselling authors get great results from social media? Because they worked to become objects of interest in society, and their overall marketing efforts are entertaining, provocative, or inspiring. This effect carries over into their social media activities. If you want to achieve similar success, steal a page from their playbook and use the same entertaining or contrarian approach to capture more interest. You won't become a household name overnight, but you may become famous in your own little world. And, that's the best place to start.

New Opportunity: Higher education for authors serious about marketing their books.

I'm looking for 20 good authors to join a new instructional opportunity called the WildFire Author University. This program would be a unique 12-month process to learn from me, join a community of like-minded authors, and become a top-notch marketer of your books. Participants in this program will enjoy the following instruction over the next 12 months:

  • One, 45-minute, one-on-one phone call with me per month.
  • Free access to my monthly teleconference sessions and downloads.
  • Free copy of my new book and all new author resources that I create.
  • Access to a private forum where I answer your questions and you interact with other authors. Learn best practices from me and your peers.

A great part about the WildFire Author University is the price. Tuition is only $2,399 for an entire year. That's less than $200 a month! This is the best deal I've ever offered to receive private instruction from me and join a community of authors where you can engage with each other. This group is open to authors at any level, fiction and non-fiction. Past clients may join as well.

I can start the program on March 1, 2012 and run through February, 2013. However, I'm not going to launch this new program unless at least 20 people enroll by March 1st. I announced this new program last week, and I've already had 4 people confirm. If I get more than 20, that's great. If I get less than 20, then it's a no-go. So, if joining the WildFire Author University interests you, please let me know today so that I can get you on my list. Plus, I'll give a $150 discount to the first 10 people who contact me to register.

Send me an email to: or call 1-800-267-2045 and say "I'd like to enroll in the WildFire Author University." I'll get back to you with more details.

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