Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Morning Marketing Tip - "Tame the Speed of Social Media"

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This week's focus:

One of the attractive benefits about social media and blogs is the speed at which people can communicate. Through a single Facebook post or Twitter update, you can notify hundreds or thousands of individuals in an instant. Social media can ignite a word-of-mouth boost similar to pouring lighter fluid on a fire.

However, the speediness of social media can also present a problem. That’s because the rate at which a topic can be transmitted means that another topic can quickly come along and take its place.

For example, informal studies are showing that the benefit of getting mentioned on someone’s popular Facebook wall or Twitter account may last no longer than an hour. Other posts follow so quickly afterwards that the original post quickly moves off of the main page and disappears into the archive where it dwells in obscurity. Likewise, popular blogs post new topics so quickly that topics from the previous day are soon lost in the mix. Instead of a topic enjoying a long-lasting fire of interest, the result is brief flare-up that soon dies out.

How do you prevent this problem from leaving your marketing efforts in smoldering anonymity? Consider these points:

1.Adopt a “wash-rinse-repeat” mentality with your social media efforts. Don’t expect one post or mention to drive sufficient coverage to your product, book, or service. Strive to get multiple mentions at multiple locations over time. Avoid a one-and-done strategy, or that will be your fate.

2.Make sure you have a permanent location for the important information that you’re marketing. Dedicate a page on your website, such as an article or free resource, which is easy to find and won’t disappear into an archive. Always provide a link to that page in your social media posts so that people can easily access it.

3.Rather than depend on other social media pages to spread the word, use tools on your own website and blog to help spark interest and create referrals. I recommend the free tools from Social Twist (Tell-A-Friend buttons)

Take advantage of the speed that social media has to offer. But, take the steps mentioned above to avoid getting burned by sudden shifts in online attention.

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