Friday, October 9, 2009

Book Marketing Q&A: Follow-up to Public Speaking Resources

Per Mary's question yesterday, I forgot to offer some other advice on preparing to speak publicly on your book. Two things:

1. The best way to become a better speaker is to build an effective speech (See Andy Stanley's book, "Communicating for a Change" in my previous post), then go speak as frequently as possible. Practice makes a huge difference in your confidence and ability to motivate an audience.

2. When it comes to practice, I first suggest that you record yourself giving your speech alone in your office or home. The #1 way to improve as a speaker is to LISTEN TO YOURSELF. I can't stress this enough. In the beginning, it will feel uncomfortable, but it's the best way to identify areas of weakness and make the necessary changes.

Also, it's important to practice your speaking skills in front of other people. A great way to do this is by joining your local Toastmasters club. I have several clients who said this group was beneficial early in their speaking career.

Keep the great questions coming!

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