Friday, October 2, 2009

Book Marketing Q&A - How to Launch a New Website and Author Brand

Debbie asks, "Is there any kind of checklist or step-by-step directions for authors to use when launching a new website and brand?"

Debbie, thanks for the question. Here's a simple checklist to use as a guideline:

1. Use your brand tagline everywhere (email signature file, blog posts, business cards, newsletters, free resources, etc.) Your brand won't work unless you use it. Too many authors create a good brand, then they never use it - which wastes all of that hard work. If you've got a great brand, promote it everywhere by saying it out loud to people, writing it on everything, posting it on all of your social media communications, etc.

2. Write text for an email website announcement that you can send to everyone you know. It's okay to do a one-time announcement to people who aren't on your newsletter list. That's not considered spam. Also, post announcements on your blog, Twitter, and Facebook pages.

3. Consider creating a contest to draw attention to your new website. For example, you could encourage people to visit your website, sign-up for your newsletter, which automatically registers them to win one of your books or audio/video products. Make a lot of noise about it, so that you can collect as much contact information as possible. Mention the contest on your blog, Facebook page, Twitter account, etc.

4. Prepare a new newsletter issue that includes your new brand, and send it out shortly after the contest to announce the winner and start building relationships with your newsletter subscribers.

5. Get into a rhythm of writing regular blog posts (2 - 3 time a week) and sending out a monthly e-newsletter.

6. Send a print newsletter (not a media kit) once a quarter to key leaders in your target audience. Highlight how your expertise and offer content that helps them be better leaders.

7. Send a press release to local media and line up some interviews on radio, TV, and newspapers. Start local to find the hook that gets their attention, then use that hook to pursue regional and national media outlets.

There are a ton of ways to promote a new brand and website. But, this checklist can give you a good place to start.

Keep those great questions coming!

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